May 2016

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Great American Beach Party and Undertow Jam

The daylong Fort Lauderdale Great American Beach Party will return to Fort Lauderdale beach on Saturday. (Mike Stocker / Sun Sentinel)

Saturday: Great American Beach Party on Fort Lauderdale Beach  

Thursday, May 26

Thursday: Pairings Food and Wine Event in West Palm Beach

The 5th annual Pairings Food and Wine event returns Thursday.

 (West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority/Courtesy)

SunFest, the art and music festival that sent good vibes flowing down the West Palm Beach waterfront this month, lives on with Thursday's Pairings Food and Wine Event. SunFest co-hosts the fifth annual foodie crawl with the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, where 32 restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries will sling light bites from their storefronts

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Smart Fridge That ‘Reconnects Families’

Samsung 'Family Hub'

The domestic American Dream has always been about the fridge. Forget washing machines and tumble dryers – they’ve long since been relegated to the utility room or basement. Dish washers? They’ve always been as dull as dishwater. Ever since the ‘fifties and the post-war boom in consumerism, the fridge has been king in the kitchen – and the bigger the better. So, do you want to keep up with the Joneses? Well, unless you have about $6,000 to spare, keep your fingers crossed that the Joneses don’t invest in a super sophisticated Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

Smart phone connects to Samsung smart fridge

So, what is it exactly? It’s a fridge and also a tablet. A 21.5-inch full HD LCD screen is displayed on the front of the door. You

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Hammock Reading Nook in Home Library

book lovers home 1

As if a floor-to-ceiling wall of books isn’t enough to coax a wistful sigh from any bibliophile, this renovated 1950s home in Madrid tacks on a cozy, elevated hammock as a reading nook, accessible via library ladder. Spanish design firm Eque y Seta wanted to freshen up the formerly dated home for a modern-day family, making it lighter and brighter and adding a few fun features for kids and adults alike to enjoy.

book lovers home 3

book lovers home 4

While the living room hosts more traditional floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in dark wood tones, making hundreds of titles accessible to anyone who wants to lounge on the couch or take a seat at the dining table, the library has a youthful appeal enhanced by lots of natural light. Taking

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Dubai’s Floating Seahorse Villas


Is it a yacht? A boat? A submarine? It’s a “Seahorse!” And you can live in it in utter luxury. That’s if you snag one of its 42 apartment units made of glass. Where? Dubai, of course.




Dubai is among the most headline-making cities when it comes to over-the-top architectural innovations. Kitschy? Perhaps. Cool? Definitely. Such as the latest coup: floating villas in the Persian Gulf off the coast of the city. A super glam apartment complex will float about 2.5 miles off the shore of Dubai, featuring 42 flats. Devised byKleindienst Group, the biggest European real estate company in Dubai, the project is dubbed the Floating Seahorse. Residents will enjoy between 1,700 to

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Summer is coming. Get out your pool toys — and inflatable furniture, such as modular armchairs, platforms or hammocks. Pigro Felice (which means lazy and happy in Italian) makes these super stylish Modul’Air play and lounge pieces for relaxing both in the pool and out of the pool, on the patio or in the garden. The stylishly minimalist line includes loungers plus pillows and magnetic cup holders for cocktails, a mesh hammock that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on the water.





The modular pool elements can be connected, stacked and combined to be shaped into whatever lounge configuration you desire, including a big platform for socializing or a cozy chair for solo me time. Colors range from a matte

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