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Less Is More

While too many fall decorations will take focus off of your home and its best features, a few tasteful accents can create an inviting setting and make your home feel fresh. Try displaying vases of fall foliage or bowls of seasonal fruit throughout your home.

Warm Up Your Walls

Design by Paula Grace Halewski

No matter what time of year you decide to sell, a fresh coat of paint is a great way to revive your home’s interiors. For the fall season, try painting your walls a rich shade of caramel or cream that’s neutral yet warm and inviting. Add pops of color with accessories in deep reds and oranges.

Let In the Light

Photo by Eric Perry © 2013, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The days get

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Whether you’re in the market for a painting, drawing, photograph or sculpture, a piece that works for your budget is within reach. Decide what you’re looking for before setting out on a shopping excursion. Do you want to accentuate a wall? Are you seeking a conversation starter? By selecting something you love and properly displaying your art, you can do all that and more.

(Credit: AlexRoz/Shutterstock)

(Credit: AlexRoz/Shutterstock)

Don’t be afraid of art. When a landscape, portrait, print, watercolor or statue harmonizes with your home, you’ve successfully enhanced a room. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Notice Displays

Scan the exhibits in coffee shops, restaurants and colleges. Artists exhibiting their wares in these venues and not in galleries may

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Kitchens can always stand to use more storage space, especially if you have a large family and especially when your home doesn’t have a pantry. Well, we found one of the mightiest kitchen cabinets set up around. It’s mammoth in fact. Check out the photos below for a dream cabinet inspiration session. Which one would you prefer?

1. Our main attraction for this article is the Neptune Grand Larder Unit. This cabinet-on-steroids has more storage than you can shake a loaf of french bread at.

Via Home Crux

When the cabinets are closed, one can barely imagine the host of culinary collections it stores within.

Via Home Crux

This larder (a british pantry term) acts as a stately centerpiece that can blend in perfectly with the rest of your

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[Photos via Phillip Pessar]
Beautiful and exquisitely detailed architecture, from Beaux Arts grandeur to modernist zing, is everywhere in Downtown Miami; and much of it is waiting to be celebrated. Photographer Phillip Pessar documented some of the great and small highlights of Downtown's architectural parade, including cartouches, cornices, brise soleil, art deco terra cotta, and all sorts of crenelations, labeling their locales on his Flickr page. But don't look yet. See how many of them you can guess, after the jump. A few are in Brickell too.

· Phillip Pessar's Photostream [Flickr]

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The Ultimate Guide to Decorating With Mason Jars This Halloween Image Sources: Lil Blue Boo, Etsy user ToastyBarkerBoutique and Mason Jar Crafts Love  

What can't mason jars do? Mason jars make great gifts, are perfect lunch containers, and can be transformed to make perfect seasonal decor.

Halloween offers a great opportunity to use mason jars in brand new ways. They're the perfect base for a number of Halloween DIY projects, including tabletop pieces and spooky party decor. There's no end to the creativity that can be employed when decorating with mason jars this October. Here is our list of 20 top ideas for spooky and spectacular decorating!

1 Ghost Traps Ghost Traps Image Source: Mason Jar Crafts Love

We love how the team at Mason Jar Crafts Love made ghosts in a jar.

2 …
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Go beyond merely functional to create a dressing area as attractive as it is well-organized.

Courtesy of Zillow Digs.

Closets seem to be an all-or-nothing area of the house: Either head-to-toe wire shelving that organizes your stuff within an inch of its life, or everything crammed and stuffed in willy-nilly. But both of these are no-go’s in today’s modern closet.

Forget wood paneling, wire racking and behind-the-door storage that only makes the door impossible to open. Instead, create a boutique in your own home — a functional space that inspires your day. Here’s how to get started.

Create a room

If you have a walk-in closet, the space will transform into a room more easily. Consider wallpapering or painting the closet to create a room you enjoy seeing and that

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South Florida retail market recognized as state's 'most active'

South Florida retail market deemed 'most active' in state

Rendering of proposed redevelopment at 2414 E. Sunrise Blvd., Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale. Developers are planning a $750 million redevelopment that would consist of residential, commercial and hotel space.

What's driving retail growth in South Florida? Tourism, population growth and recovering housing market South Florida's commercial property rental rates are highest in the state  

Population growth, a boom in tourism and a recovering housing market are driving retail growth in South Florida, industry players said following a conference focusing on statewide retail development.

"South Florida is the market with the most momentum,"…
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Photo by: amanderson2 via Flickr

The 12 Best BBQ Restaurants in America

With the possible exception of College Football, nothing is more debated between cities than who has the best barbecue. In the last several years barbecue has moved from the backyard to Main Street with televised barbecue cook offs, cooking shows dedicated to the “smoked meat” and barbecue pit masters becoming celebrities. If you put 10 people from different parts of the United States in a room and ask where the best barbecued meal can be had, you will get 10 different answers. Old school establishments grab you when you enter, where the smell of well-seasoned wood paneled walls and brick bear the years of being bathed in smoke, to the chain restaurants that have sprung up in every major city to satisfy

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nendo staybrella

Sometimes a tiny design tweak is all that’s needed to turn a familiar design on its head. The Stay-brella from Nendo is a plain umbrella with just a little difference: its handle is gently bent at the end to form a little foot.

3 forked handle standing umbrella

2 stand up staybrella



This two-pronged foot lets the Stay-brella hang from the edge of a table so it doesn’t get dirty, or lean up against a wall without getting the wall wet. The tiny kickstand even makes it possible for the Stay-brella to perch on the floor without rolling around.

4 nendo staybrella with forked handle

5 forked handle umbrella design nendo

Each umbrella also has a wrist strap for a little extra security to make sure it stays with you. Nendo’s clever umbrella is available at Seibu department stores in Japan in eight different colors.

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7 Secrets to a Happy Home

You might feel like the happy bug is everywhere recently thanks to the Pharrell song you've heard a million times. But we like to think happiness translates beyond a catchy tune and is even more meaningful when you feel it in your home. Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but a cheerful space with good juju is the best thing you can do for yourself — even studies and surveys back that up. How, exactly, do you curate a home that makes you smile? Let's find out!

1 Think Yellow Think Yellow

Did you know? People feel happy around the color yellow because it's a cheery hue that promotes creativity and communication. If you don't feel like, say, painting an entire room yellow, incorporate the vibrant shade through accents, flowers, and even lemons.

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