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Small bites

12 Great American Food Festivals

It’s no secret that Americans like good food and while there are a few all-American classics, the food across this great nation is largely diverse.  Asian, European, South American… no part of the globe stands unrepresented and no dish goes untouched in the land where food is celebrated at every opportunity. There are so many ways to enjoy the diverse cuisine of America but one of the best ways is to visit one of these great food festivals. Festivals offer you a chance to sample small bites from big places and try a lot more than you probably could than just visiting a restaurant for a full meal, so read on, take your pick and plan to visit these amazing food festivals soon.

12. Taste of Buffalo Festival

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Fort Lauderdale Passes Vacation Rental Ordinance In Hopes Those Rowdy Parties Will Be Kept To A Minimum

The city of Fort Lauderdale is doing something about those wild house parties thrown by vacationers renting homes in residential neighborhoods.

Beginning Nov. 1, vacation rentals in Fort Lauderdale will be regulated by the city. The commission voted unanimously to approve the new ordinance Tuesday, but not without first compromising with rental owners.

Fort Lauderdale homeowners have been frustrated by the impact of vacation rentals on their neighborhoods, and on this, the city commission agreed.

The vacation rental ordinance states that the commission found "certain transitory uses of residential property tend to affect the residential character of the community." 

When Gold Coast magazine publisher Bernard McCormick wrote

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Even the most experienced homeowners can get sucked into spending a lot of money on maintenance costs or home improvements that just don’t deliver. For those who take pride in their homes, it’s important to make improvements that enhance functionality, save time, or make a big design statement. Unfortunately, some of the most common renovations and additions are just a waste of money. Here are some of the major items that can fritter away your funds.

1. The Grass Is Not Always Greener


Professional lawn-care services lure trusting homeowners with promises of a vibrant, lush carpet of soft grass. These services, however, can cost as much as a couple of hundred dollars per month for weekly trims, plus extra fees for various

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South beach might be party central, but it’s also the perfect place to stroll hand in hand with your significant other. Here’s a guide to a lovely, relaxed evening of entertainment, upscale dining, and picturesque walks under the warm Miami sun.

15. Doraku

If you find yourself on the Alton side of Lincoln Road, which is recognized as the popular shopping district in South Beach, stop in for cocktails and dinner at Doraku, a hip sushi restaurant where beautiful locals blow off steam after work. It’s also known for its rockin’ happy hours. Try the lychee martini to beat the heat and calm the nerves and then the tempura battered rock shrimp that’s so good it’s like dessert. Afterwards, take a stroll down Lincoln and talk about horoscopes while window

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A pair of converted '30s water towers in Norton, England—Photo via Wowhaus

As we've seen many times, old barns and churches, with their soaring ceilings just begging to be turned into hip loft residences, are prime for spectacular conversions. But of course, those are far from the only structures that can be reused marvelously. These 10 examples—an assortment of very odd water towers, architectural remnants of bygone wars, and even a Le Corbusier boiler room—show that kookier spaces can transform into highly livable dwellings, too.

  • ↑ ↓—Railway station turned two-bedroom home in Bredenbury, England. (Photos via Rightmove)
  • ↑ ↓—Old dry-cleaning shop turned home-studio for a young family in
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Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

10 Must-See Churches Around the World

While churches are regarded primarily as places of worship, they have also been long treated throughout history as the centers of cultural and social activity within a community.  This especially rings true of the hundreds of centuries-old parishes, cathedrals and basilicas  scattered around the world that today stand testament to not only the religious commitment of worshipers, but also to the social and artistic progression of our civilization.  Ranging from medieval Gothic Cathedrals to rare Expressionist Parishes, and whether with religious or artistic inclination, here are 10 churches worth checking out (and gawking over!) on your next international adventure.


10. St. Augustine Church, Philippines

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First impressions mean everything — especially when it comes to viewing a potential home. As visual beings, a cluttered space or a jarring wall color can be enough to make us turn around and walk out the door.

Successfully staged spaces provide two effects: they give a home an aesthetic appeal, and offer buyers an opportunity to dream themselves into the space.

If there’s one thing professional stagers know about designing spaces that appeal to buyers, it’s the art of selecting great decor pieces while utilizing space. The goal is making the most positive impact.

Here are five helpful staging tips a professional interior designer used to turn a listing into a sold home in no time.

Know your audience

Staging is less about your personal

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Outdoor lights can add magic and ambience to your yard or patio space when the sun goes down, while providing safety and security at the same time. Why not go for function and a bit of decorative form and fun with these bright ideas for outdoor lighting.

1. Entrance Lights

In addition to providing a well lit passage to a stoop, porch or steps, you can highlight any decoration or landscaping with entrance lights. Choose from wall mounted lighting or floodlights, or a combination. You can also install motion sensors to alert you to movement around your home; however, if your floodlights are too bright, they will create deep shadows, perfect hiding places for trespassers.

Entry Light

2. Solar Lights

Practical and economical, think about installing solar

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hamock suspended bathtub

What could be more relaxing than hanging from a hammock in the shade? Perhaps filling it with water, and luxuriating in a bath within that same relaxing shape from Splinter Works.

  A stainless steel tap rises up and hangs over one side to fill the carbon-fiber tub (which itself is suspended from the walls by stainless steel brackets). The bathtub is, in turn, drained through the floor.

Lest you wonder where all the heat goes while you soak, there is a foam core to the carbon fiber shell to provide insulation, keeping the water warm. This layer is somewhat hidden due to the tapering of the tub shell around its edges.

Splinter Works founder Miles Hartwell explains the design:…
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Be the reason someone smiles today:

01. Tell someone you believe in them.

02. Make breakfast in bed for a loved one. Bacon and eggs, anyone?

03. Call up a childhood friend who you haven’t spoken to in years. Laugh.

04. Let somebody know that you truly appreciate them. Mean it with all your heart.

05. Donate your old clothing to charity instead of throwing it out.

06. Share your umbrella with a stranger on a rainy day. Watch their face light up.

07. Forgive them when they apologize.

08. Surprise a loved one on their “half birthday” (182 days after their real one) with cupcakes and candles.

09. Hold the door open for someone.

10. Leave your loved one a tub of their favorite ice cream flavor in the freezer along with

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