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The incessant buzzing of saws, non-stop pounding of hammers, buzzing of drills, continual rising of dust and ceaseless chaos in your home can be unsettling at best. And crazy-making at its worst. But looking ahead to the golden treasure looming at the end, you know the renovation project will fulfill one of your dreams, just as soon as the workers finish and evacuate your home. In the meanwhile, what can you do to keep your cool besides moving out during the remodel? (Credit: ra2studio/Shutterstock)

(Credit: ra2studio/Shutterstock)

Ask any of your friends or family who have recently transformed their home in some way and be prepared to hear a litany of horror stories. To avoid your own nightmare tale, try the following tips.

1. Plan the Project for Spring or Summer

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17 Best Resorts in Florida

Summer is...HERE! Looking to get away for a week and not sure where to go. What about not leaving Florida and staying in some top resorts in the world? If you want to save a few extra pennies and save time on travel, research some of these places to vacation instead.

View of the beach and ocean with tourists relaxing

Some of the best, most exclusive resorts in the world can be found in Florida. From the sunny Florida Panhandle to the tropical allure of the Florida Keys, the Sunshine State has something for everyone. Although the vast majority of resorts are located on the ocean, a significant number are found inland thanks to Disney World, which is located in Orlando.

Options range from adults-only resorts with high-end spa services and poolside drinks to

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Wishing you all the best of Wednesdays, and since there are only 2 days left to the week, we again bring you the hottest deals coming up for the weekend so that you can plan accordingly. No need to thank us just yet....your enjoyment is our satisfaction. 

$40 for Miami Nightclub VIP Experience for One with The Aos Group ($120 Value)

The Deal

  • $40 for a Miami nightclub VIP experience for one (a $120 value)

Guests enjoy a two-hour open bar while sipping on premium cocktails poolside. Afterward, a limo or party bus provides transportation to the designated club of the night. There, partiers skip long lines and waltz through the VIP entrance with little to no wait. Stretch limos create an air of mystery, prompting passersby to

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Getting your property ready for sale can be a complicated affair. Simply cleaning your home isn’t enough—you may also need to make a few improvements to the exterior. To pique the interest of prospective buyers, it’s important to make your home look impressive from the street; in order words, you should improve its “curb appeal.” Here are ten questions to help determine if your home has curb appeal before you put it on the market.

1. Can the House Be Seen From the Street?

Prospective buyers who see and admire your home are more likely to go inside, and those who go inside are more likely to make offers. For said buyers to come in the door, they first have to see where they’re going. Take a look at your property from the street—can you clearly see

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Airy, sprawling rooms with plenty of areas for decorating are the dreams of many homeowners, but for most, that’s unfortunately where they stay—in our dreams. Instead of viewing small spaces as a limitation, think of it as a fun and inventive challenge. With these 12 easy tips, making your room seem bigger will be a breeze.



1. Use Natural Light

Everywhere, as much as possible. Natural light brings more dimension and an airiness that can’t be duplicated by electricity, so bring it in as much as possible. Use semi-transparent window dressings to let in the light, and make sure not to block the windows.

(Credit: Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock)

(Credit: Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock)

2. Reflect on Mirrors

It’s one of the

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Ten Best New Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has seen its fair share of new and old. The restaurants shuffle in and out, and sometimes it's hard to keep tabs on what's hot on the streets, which meal you can't pass up, and where the party's at.

Ten Best New Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

10. The Mermaid Bar

Mall eating can be dull. Boring. Fast food, to say the least. But not so at Neiman Marcus, where you can enjoy delightful dishes in a casual, contemporary atmosphere at the Mermaid Bar Fort Lauderdale. Shop till you drop -- from hunger -- has meaning here. To remedy that, the restaurant launched in 2013 and serves a variety of fresh salads, sandwiches, homemade desserts, and specialty items daily (until the restaurant closes at 8 p.m.). The menu offers a wide selection, sure to satisfy the full

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Electrifying your home with a bold, beautiful color palette is one of the most fun home improvement projects there is. You get to explore new shades and styles to create a whole new ambiance in your home. If you want to go for a bold palette, here are 10 tips and ideas to help you design with color and drama.

1. Pick a Tone

You can go with as many different colors as you’d like throughout your home, but we suggest picking a foundational tone for all of the colors to follow. Having different jewel tones throughout can add elegance, but when you cross from one primary room to one with pastels, it can be jarring.

Fucshia and Purple Living Room

2. Follow Proportions

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by bold hues, start by using two colors of equal intensities in

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5 Tips on How to Start a Painting Project

Painting can be a dramatic and cost effective way to update a room or your entire home. And if you are smart and motivated, it doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, you can transform a room in a weekend and also keep your stress level low if you follow our five-step guide to starting a painting project below.

1. Choose a Color Scheme

Think about what kind of mood and feel you want in each room. For example, if you want a peaceful experience in the bathroom or master bedroom, opt for muted tones in green, blue or gray. You can enlarge a room or lift a ceiling with light colors, or paint and decorate in a monochromatic theme for a spacious effect. Feel too cavernous? Use warm, red-tinged colors to draw walls

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...with a View

Hanging Houses Silvestre 1

Swim to the edge of an infinity pool that feels as if it’s going to pour right out into the sea, or stand on a glass-walled balcony hanging off a cantilevered volume, seeming to hover in mid-air. These dramatic cliffside houses are anchored to stone, but extend out over the landscape for incredible views.

Cliffside Home with Cantilevered Infinity Pool

Hanging Homes Cantilevered Infinity Pool 2

Hanging Homes Cantilevered Infinity Pool 1

Hanging Homes Cantilevered Infinity Pool 3jpg

A sparkling infinity pool juts out over the rocks in this incredible ultramodern Thailand home by Original Vision. Stacked volumes create outdoor spaces that are open to the air, while the entire ocean-facing facade is made up of glass walls, windows and doors to properly appreciate the view.

Light and Reflections in La Jolla, California
Hanging Houses La Jolla 3

Hanging Houses La Jolla 2

Hanging Houses La Jolla 1

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